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Menu Creator

Restaurant Menu Maker

Use this restaurant menu script to create countless categories (salads, soups, meat, desserts, etc.) Add multiple dishes to each of them. The menu will blend perfectly into your website with minimum effort. Personalize every entry by adding a name, image, and description. Set portion sizes and respective prices. Enable/disable products as per the availability. Make your customers happy by launching special offers for a number of people with products of your choice.


Categories & Products

Create multiple menu categories and products. Add names, images, and descriptions. Set different portion sizes and the corresponding prices. Enable/disable products depending on their availability.

Special Offers

Increase sales and win regular customers by launching special offers for a number of people. Add several products, set price per meal, or total menu price. Update or disable the offer without deleting it.

Portion Sizes

Enable different portion sizes (e.g. small / medium / family pizza) or allow one dish size only. Set separate prices for each portion size. Easily add and remove sizes from the back-end as necessary.

Responsive & Varied Design

The restaurant script front-end is mobile-friendly and can be loaded across various devices (PC, smartphones, tablets). You can also change color themes – 10 different are available!

Multiple Languages

The online menu maker can be translated into various languages. You can do it from the back-end system or by exporting and importing a CSV file with all system titles.

User Roles

There are two types of restaurant script users. Admins have full access rights – they can change system settings and add users. Editors have access to all menus, but restricted rights.

Cross-domain Integration

You can install the restaurant menu script on Domain A and use it on Domain B. This means you can embed the software on an external website and thus attract more customers.